Annual GPECOM Awards

Dr. Muhammad Harunur Rashid Best Paper Grants

Professor Muhammad H. Rashid is generously supporting the GPECOM2024 conference by providing best paper grants aimed at fostering enthusiasm among young professionals and students. There will be a total of four grants, with one valued at 250 USD for professional researchers holding a Ph.D. degree and three grants, each also amounting to 250 USD, specifically designated for students.

The grants will be awarded to professionals and postgraduate students who attend the conference and present a paper. The subcommittee will be responsible for receiving submissions, evaluating them, and managing the award distribution process.

Best Paper Awards

In addition to Dr. Muhammad Harunur Rashid Best Paper Grants, Outstanding Paper, and Best Presentation Awards will be presented to authors of selected and referred by GPECOM 2024 Program Committee. A potential paper should be presented at the conference in order to be nominated for any type of awards. 

GPECOM 2024 Awards will be presented in categories of

– GPECOM2024 Best Student Paper Award
– GPECOM2024 Outstanding Paper Award
– GPECOM2024 Best Presentation Award