Welcome Reception

19:00-21:00, Wednesday, 14 June 2023

The welcome reception of GPECOM2023 will be organized at Goreme Fairychimney Valley. 

The bus transfer will be provided from conference hotel to reception venue. The buses leave from the entrance of  hotel at 18:00. After the program finished, buses returning to the Hotel depart from Goreme Valley at 20:30. 

Gala Dinner

19:00-23:00, Thursday, 15 June 2023

The gala dinner will be organized at Uranos Restaurant in Avanos. In addition to local dinner, traditional Turkish folk dances and shows will be presented at gala. Uranos is a perfect place with its carved rock structure to relax and enjoy the night in a cozy, yet elegant environment in companied by delicious meals and impressive shows.

The bus transfer will be done as follows: The buses leave from the entrance of hotel at 18:30. After the program finished, buses returning to the hotel depart from Avanos at 23:30. 

Touristic and Cultural Tours

In the early years of the first millennium, groups of Christians fleeing Roman persecution began moving into the inaccessible wilds of Cappadocia seeking refuge. One group which arrived from Jerusalem via Antioch (Antakya) and Caesarea (Kayseri) in the second century settled down in the area now known as Derinkuyu. Finding the soft volcanic tuff easy to carve, they began to expand the natural caves and link them together, creating dwellings, chapels, churches and monasteries through which these people found the peace and security they had so desperately sought. It is said that there are around 500 churches and chapels in Cappadocia. The variety and artistry of their architecture, layout and decoration are fascinating and amazing. Basilicas with single, double or triple naves, cruciform plans, vestibules, aisles, apses, domes, columns, pillars and more – can be found in these churches, with all having been hollowed out of stone. Many of the churches are also decorated with painstakingly-painted frescoes. The monumental task of restoring, repairing and maintaining these churches and underground cities goes on even while they receive thousands of visitors a year. (Source: HomeTurkey)

Goreme Open Air Museum is one of the best destinations that there are several churches and chapels within the complex, but the most important are the Elmalı Kilise (Apple Church), with its Ascension fresco above the door; the Azize Barbara Chapel (Chapel of St. Barbara), with its red-ochre interior decoration; Yılanlı Kilise (Snake Church), with its wall-paintings of St. George and interesting fresco of the hermetic hermaphrodite St. Onuphrius; the stunning and superbly restored frescoes of the Karanlık Kilise (Dark Church); and the cavernous Tokalı Kilise (Buckle Church), with its dazzling wall-paintings that cover the entire barrel-vaulted chamber. The museum is one of Turkey’s top highlights and it is Cappadocia’s most famous tourist attraction.

Cappadocia’s underground cities first began to be chiseled out of the ground in the Bronze Age Hittite era but they are most famous for their early Byzantine history (6th and 7th centuries) when the region’s Christians took to living underground for long periods to escape from Arab and Persian invaders. Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu Underground Cities are Cappadocia’s largest examples, with labyrinth of rooms connected by tunnels that extends for eight levels. Most of these levels can be explored by visitors. Heading underground into the mazy network of tunnels is a fascinating experience, but those with claustrophobia should be aware that some of the tunnels are exceedingly narrow.

Besides touristic routes in Cappadocia, you may also want to experience hot-air balloon tours, trekking tours, horseback riding tours, jet boat and gondolas and other fascinating activities. It will certainly take a particular place in your memories and in your album.

Special and featured tour programs will be organized during and after conference program depending to attendees’ and participants’ requests. The tour agency of conference will help to those asking for tour and event organization.