Complete List of TT and Sub Topics
TT1 :  Power and Energy Engineering
Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power Electronics and Drives, Electric Machines, Power Quality, Reliability and Efficiency Improvements, Control and Protection in Power Management, Distributed Energy Resources and Grid Integration, Electric Vehicle Applications, Transportation and System Integration, Energy Storage Systems, High Voltage Systems, HVDC and FACTS Devices, Microgrids, Microgrid Applications and Islanding Operation, EMI and EMC Researches
TT2 :  Renewable Energy 
Renewable Energy Utilizations, Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Energy Engineering, Wind Energy Generation, Energy Efficient Technologies, Energy Generation with Waste and Biomass, Energy Generation with Hydro, Geothermal Energy Generation, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell, Integration and Grid Technologies, Tidal and Wave Energy Generation
TT3 :  Nuclear Energy, Fuels and Combustion

Alternative fuels, Bio-diesel fuels, Fission and Fusion Energy, Fuel Technologies and Recent Applications, Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells, Nuclear Energy and  Global Environment, Nuclear Energy Applications on Power Generation, Nuclear Materials, Technologies and Fuels, Reactor Physics and Analysis

TT4 :  Smart Grid Researches
Smart Grid Architectures and Models, Smart Grid Networks and Communication Technologies, Smart Grid Strategies, Planning and Modelling, Cyber and Physical Security in Smart Grid , Computational Methods in Smart Grid, Energy Generation and Storage in Smart Grid, Energy Management and Monitoring Systems, Interoperability, Standards and Grid Codes, Measurement, Protection and Control Researches, Prediction Techniques for Generation and Consumption
TT5 :  Communication Technologies and Researches
Antennas and Electromagnetic Fields, Channel Modelling, Estimation and Equalization, Communication Theory, Image and Video Processing Theory and Applications, Industrial Standards, Internet of Energy, Machine-to-machine Communications, Network Technologies and Architectures, Optical Communications, Optical Signal Processing, Power Line Communications, Satellite Communications, Security Signal Processing Theory and Applications, Smart Grid Communications, Vehicular Communications, Visible Light Communication
TT6 :  Wireless Communication Systems
5G Wireless Systems and Waveforms, Ad-hoc and Cell-based Networking, Beamforming and Precoding, Channel Coding for Wireless Communications, Channel Modelling, Estimation and Equalization, Internet of Things, Millimeter Wave Applications, MIMO and Massive MIMO Techniques, Mobile Communications, Multiple Access and Scheduling, Signal Processing for Wireless Communications, Software-defined Radio and Cognitive Radio, Source Coding for Wireless Communications, Quality of Service and Network Management, Wireless Sensor Networks
TT7 :  Education on Power and Energy Engineering 

SS1- Thorium Utilization in Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles


SS2- Electric Vehicles and Smart Buildings


SS3- Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems

SS4- Renewable Energies: Design, Control and Applications

SS5- Recent Trends in DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Applications

All papers for any technical track should be prepared with IEEE conference submission format around 4-6 pages, double-column including  figures and references. The papers should be submitted by registered corresponding author to EasyChair Conference Management System of GPECOM 2019 at

 Important Dates and Deadlines

Main Tracks and Special Sessions :
Submission Deadline- February 1, 2019     February 15, 2019   March 4, 2019 
Acceptance Notification- April 15, 2019 
Final Submission- May 1, 2019 

Registrations : 
Early Bird Registration- May 10, 2019 
Regular Registration- May 11-June 12, 2019
Best Paper and Student Awards There will be Best Presentation, Outstanding Paper, and some Student Awards for submissions that are selected and referred by GPECOM 2019 Program Committee. A potential paper should be presented at the conference in order to be nominated for any of awards. GPECOM 2019 Awards will be presented in categories of – GPECOM2019 Best Paper Awards for each Technical Track – GPECOM2019 Outstanding Paper Awards for each Technical Track – GPECOM2019 Best Oral Presentation Awards for each Technical Track – GPECOM2019 Best Student Presentation Awards for each Technical Track