Post Conference Publishing

All the accepted and presented papers of IEEE GPECOM2020 will be submitted to IEEE Xplore Digital Library for publishing. Moreover, authors of selected papers will be invited to submit their papers in extended form for post-conference publishing after a new round of review. The post-conference submission opportunity will be available for the following high impact factor SCI journals.

  1. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  2. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
  3. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 
  4. IET Smart Grid 
  5. IET High Voltage

All the post conference papers will be selected from registered and presented papers in GPECOM2020. 

There will be two ways of paper recommendation to the Journals;
The Best Paper selection that is a valuable opportunity for most conferences and authors. The best rated articles from conference are recommended to be published in one of the Journals.
– TPC and Reviewers’ rankings for special issue or post-conference paper recommendation. 

Selection criteria for a paper to recommend for one of Journals is combination of Reviewers’ recommendations, Topic relevance, and technical sound of study. According to interviews with Editors of aforementioned Journals, IEEE Journals require post conference paper submission guidelines and instructions to be followed.